About sophrology

Whatever our life experience, there is in each of us an energy, a life force that shapes us and inhabits us. Be ready to discover this self-awareness ! 

Anne-Marie Jean  AMJ Sophrology

Sophrology for individuals

Sophrology is the science that studies human consciousness and aims at its harmonization.

At the crossroads of Western relaxation and Eastern meditation, it allows everyone to find new resources in themselves and improve their quality of life in their physical and psychic aspects. It is also an art of living and a positive philosophy of life that highlights the human being. 


Sophrology also supports medical treatments, in case of illness (cancer, chronic disease,...), pain, discomfort or anxiety; The technique then makes it possible to give the essential keys to better live with the disease and turn the mind towards the positive aspects of life. And of course in the sophrological preparation for childbirth.


Individual session at AMJ Sophrologie office or at your home (if specific pathology or difficulty moving) 


Short & funny exercices with adapted vocabulary which help child to  

- Tame stress and better manage Emotions ( grief, bullied at school, self-confidence, moving,..) 

- Increase concentration,  attention and boost their  autonomy and initiative 

- Anchor child in reality and refocus on himself, after a trauma for example



The practice of sophrology with an adolescent will successfully allow:


- Reducing stress (exams, competition, student burnout,..) and managing Emotions ( self esteem, grief, self-confidence, install a secure anchor, being able to project yourself) 

- Being aware and ppreciate the changes in the body  

- Increase attention and concentration skills

- Dealing with the obstacle        ( parental divorce, bereavement, illness, driver's license, ...)



Sophrology to achieve well-being in the different areas of life and find within oneself the resources for personal development. 

- Counter your stress, emotions and sleep 

- Face the obstacles of life: grief,  illness, separation, moving,  exam, competition, Life changes, ...

- Manage mental load and learn how to let go  

- feel good about your body, more confident and self-esteem 

-Be good with yourself to be good with others

About burnout

Individual follow-up session in prevention and reconstruction.

Contact me if questions or to measure your "burnout level" .

Let's work together to answer this question:  So now, how will you raise up again ? 



Sharing Group  about the burnout . Share best practices and realize that you are not alone to cope with burnout difficulties .

About CAncer

Live moments of relaxation, harmony, balance despite the disease, independently, even during chemo.

Be an actor of his treatment: visualize the action of chemistry inside the body, soothe the post-chemo effects and be able to defocus from his disease.




- Reassuring presence during pregnancy, preparation for childbirth

- Accompany anxieties, emotional disorders, difficulties related to the evolution of one's body schema 

- Prevention of maternal burnout, postpartum depression

- Grief and menopause   

So many feminine problems that sophrology can accompany in a humane and efficient way. 

Sophrology also @ WORK

AMJ Sophrology offers sophrology sessions, workshops and tailor-made training @work. All according to the needs of each company.

Relieve stress, improve concentration, boost confidence, improve team spirit and life @work... Emotions are experienced in the body. Act by relaxing the body, to improve the quality of interactions and channel overflowing emotions. Anticipate conflicts by communicating better and with mutual respect.  AMJ Sophrology for well-being at work: Preserving the company's human capital!

contact me for a personalized offer. 


Hypnosis: Brief TRAUMA Therapy

Who does not keep traces in themselves today, consciously or not, of a painful life event that caused emotions and disturbances? Phobias, sleep disorders, relationship difficulties, psychosomatic pain, ... 
The work focuses on the emotional aspect of the problem, especially through conversational hypnosis as conceived by Milton Erickson.


""As long as people don't feel their bodies, we waste our time, and theirs, trying to do verbal psychotherapy"  Bessel Van der Kolk